Importance of a Good Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Loosens Muscles 

Low back pain could mean that your muscles have not been used on a regular activity for quite some time. That leads to soreness which proves that you are doing it right however, it is a little bit uncomfortable. While the massage therapy begins with dry heat, then doing massage prior to exercise, it could also mean that getting a massage therapy at times aside from doing some physical activities helps loosen your tight, sore muscles. 


Lymphatic System Gets a Little Workout 

There is a kind of a senior massage therapy known as the lymphatic drainage or lymphatic massage which stimulates the lymphatic system of the body. The advantages of this stimulation are as follows: promotes a healthy immune system, removes toxins and some other bodily waste and improves metabolism. Some individuals are prescribed by professionals to undergo a lymphatic massage therapy following breast cancer or any other surgeries. However, this gentle sort of a massage therapy program, alone or in association with Swedish or deep tissue massage, is also beneficial for those with emotional problems, impaired immune system, low energy, illnesses, stress and sports injury. During the procedure, the professional massage therapist exerts gentle and precise pressure as well as pumps towards where the lymph nodes are located all throughout your body. The combination of Swedish techniques and Shiatsu (deep thumb pressure) help relax your muscles. The massage therapist can focus on just one portion of your body needing attention or do a whole-body program. 

Takes Away Tension and Stress 

Everyday stress is inevitable in today’s fast-moving world. Assorted pains, stomachaches, tightness in shoulders and tension headaches are indications of stress accumulation. The expert hands of a professional massage therapist aid to melt all those tensions and stress away. This is where you do not have to do anything. All you have to do is feel the pressure being applied by the massage therapist and relax as your muscles loosen all up. As you inhale and exhale, visualize the tension and stress escaping from your body, like a dark smoke being blown by the wind.  

Improves Blood Circulation 

For individuals with limited mobility and impaired vascular functions, research studies have shown that a regular massage therapy session offers significant health benefits, especially in improved blood circulation. In addition to that, it was also found that massage therapy helped enhance vascular function in individuals who hadn’t exercised. Furthermore, those people with physical injuries who underwent a massage therapy program showed improved blood circulation. When you are on the bed lying, you can actually feel that your circulation is improving as well as the overall skin color turns to nice pink. This is a proof of an improved blood flow in your body. 

Contributes to Healing 

One of the massage’s biggest health benefits is how it contributes in healing the body after a surgery. When you relieve the pain, your body normally recovers and starts to heal. There is less concentration and focus on what is hurting.