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China Uvalam Holding Limited, is a professional manufacturer of industrial-grade adhesive and electronic-grade adhesive for various applications from different industries.

UVALAM is the professional manufactuer of acrylic seamless joint adhesive (solid surface adhesive, quartz stone adhesive, sinered stone adhesive), with over 1000 popular colors for seamless joint on solid surfaces, quartz stone, sintered stone, porcelain, ceramic, high-pressure laminate (HPL), BMC, concrete, recycled glass, nano glass, granite, marble, and so on. it provides perfect invisible joint and durable bonds on a variety of surfaces.
UVALAM is professional manufactuer of Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) structural adhesives & Epoxy structural adhesives for composites, plastic and metal. It provides excellent and enduable bonding strength, enabling the assembly of various materials with stability and reliability. With this adhesive, UVALAM makes the professional solution for many industries, such as marine and ship building, transport industry, automotive, recreational vehicles, agricultral vehicles, consumer recreation, aerospace, defense and ballistics, infrastructure, civil engineering, engineering construction, wind energy, electronic industry and so on.

UVALAM is professional manufactuer of polyolefins adhesive for low energy surface materials like PP, PE, PTFE, PVDF, with little to no surface preparation and no primer needed. Polyolefins adhesive is specifically formulated to provide good bonds on these challenging surfaces without primer. It gives assembly engineers an alternative technology for low energy surface. 
UVALAM is professional manufactuer of acrylic adhesives, both solvent one component and reactive two component, which are the good acrylic adhesives for transparent joint and clear acrylic lamination. These acrylic adhesives is particularly useful in industries such as museum display case, plastic container, houseware, large housings, sign fabrication, plastic letters, the manufacturing and repairing of acrylic aquarium, where transparency and good strength are of utmost importance to consider.
UVALAM is professional manufactuer of plastic pipe cements, industrial grade and with low VOC emission. It is for PVC, CPVC, and ABS piping and fitting systems in many industrial applications. These cements are essential for plumbing, construction, and piping installations where reliable joints and connections are required. All products are designed with high strength, excellent environment-friendly, and heathy feature. 

UVALAM places great importance on quality control and adheres to strict production standards. The manufacturing facilities are equipped with advanced automation systems, ensuring consistent product quality and efficiency. To guarantee customer satisfaction, UVALAM conducts comprehensive quality checks throughout the production process, from raw materials to final products. 

With a strong focus on research and development, UVALAM always pay high attention on innovation and technology, and try to develop adhesives each year that meet the requirement in the market. 

As a trusted adhesive manufacturer from China, UVALAM maintains strong partnerships with our clients.  We try our best to be a reliable supplier in various industries, by providing innovative adhesive solutions, excellent customer service and competitive price. 

Committed to environmental responsibility, UVALAM has implemented sustainable practices in our production processes. UVALAM also strive to work with suppliers who share their commitment to sustainability.

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