ABS solvent cement

Clear, fast drying, one-component ABS solvent cement, with high viscosity and high bonding strength. It is specially formulated for bonding ABS, Styrene and Polycarbonate.
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General Description:

Uvalam ABS solvent cement is a clear, water-thin, fast drying solvent cement. It may be applied by brush, syringe,spray, and most any other method.

It forms bonds by the softening and fusion of the two surfaces in contact.

Cure is affected by dissipation of the solvent and cures rapidly.

Initial bonds take place within few minutes with sufficient strength to permit handling of the bonded item.

Relatively high strength is reached in 24 to 48 hours, and continues to increase for a number of weeks.

The joint will generally have the same rigidity or flexibility and other physical properties as prior to bonding.


Substrate Recommendation:

It is formulated for bonding ABS, styrene (general purpose high impact), acrylics and polycarbonates tothemselves.

It should not be used for joining dissimilar materials such as: ABS to styrene, ABS to acrylics, ABS to PVC or PVC to styrene.


Bonding Application Recommendation:

It is recommended for joining ABS, styrene and acrylics to themselves where a water-thin cement is desired.

It is suitable and used on both large assemblies and small delicate assemblies.

These include a wide variety of items: signs, large displays, lighting fixtures, housewares,electrical assemblies, decorator items and many other fabrications.


Typical Bond Strength:



Aged bonding strength Ibs/in2 (kg/cm2)

2 hours

24 hours

One week













Substrate thickness: 0.25 inch (0.64 cm).

Bond area: 1.0 in2 (6.45 cm2 )


Adhesive Properties and Characteristics:

Color:                Clear and transparent;

Viscosity:          Water Thin;

Gravity:             0.80 ± 0.01;

Working time:      10 minutes; 

Fixture time:        20 minutes;

Full bond strength:  One week (24 hours reaching 80% of final bond strength)



500ml / metal can;   

1000ml / metal can;


Storage Condition:

Keep away from sources of heat, open flame, sparks and sunlight.

The date code of manufacture is in the label on bottle.


Shelf life:

Two years in tightly sealed aluminum can. Shelf life is reduced at higher temperatures.



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