Quartz Stone Adhesive

Quartz Stone Adhesive - High-quality adhesive for quartz stone installation.
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General Description
Uvalam Solid Surface Adhesive AS-14, is a two parts (10:1), room temperature curing, color matched, the newest generation of acrylic seamless joint adhesive for solid surface. It is formulated with the advanced technology for the surfacing industry with invisible seaming of many kind of solid surfaces, and offers excellent structural bond with excellent strength and durability.  
Performance benefits
● Fast/steady curing under room temperature  
● Excellent water resistance
● Good weatherability once time goes;           
● Excellent scuff resistance
● Minimum surface preparation              
● Excellent impact resistance
● Comfortable sandability                   
● Structural bonding strength
● Heat and cool stability 
Adhesive Characteristics



Methyl methacrylate (Acrylic)

Substrates to bond

Quartz stone, sintered stone, ceramic, granite, marble, nano glass...


Part A (adhesive) – Multiple
Part B (Hardener) – translucent

color-matching result

seamless mitre joint on quartz stone

Mix Ratio by Volume (ml) 

A:B = 10:1


Part-A (Adhesive): 45,000 - 60,000 CPS/22℃
Part-B (Hardener): 10,000 -12,000 CPS/22℃

Max. gap filling advised  

1.00 mm

Operating Temperature  

25℃ advised

Mixed Adhesive Gravity


working time 25℃

7-8 minutes

curing time 25℃

10-12 minutes

Extension meter of once dispense

6-8 meter for cartridge 50ml;
9-12 meter for cartridge 75ml;
30-40 meter for cartridge 250ml

quantity for acrylic sheet

3 kits of cartridge 50ml12×760×3680/3050mm
2-2.5 kits of cartridge 50ml12×760×2440mm;

2 kits of cartridge 75ml12×760×3680/3050mm
2 kits of cartridge 75ml12×760×2440mm;

1 kits of cartridge 250ml12×760×3680/3050mm
0.80 kits of cartridge 250ml12×760×2440mm

UV stability

10 years non yellow for the joint with white colors

Temperature tolerance

from -50℃ to 180℃ 

Tensile Strength psi (mpa)

5,000 – 7,200 (34 – 50)

Flexural Strength psi (mPa)

4,000 – 5,200 (28 – 36)

Butt Joint Tensile psi (MPa)

2,000 – 2,500 (14 – 17)

Color-matching surface brands

Any color of adhesive could be ordered for seamless mitre joint on quartz stone.

Working Time
The working time is provided as an estimate of the time between mixing and curing of the adhesive.
The working time is affected by the mixing ratio, air temperature, adhesive temperature and the substrate temperature & the shelf time of adhesive.
The best environment to use this adhesive is at the temperature between 15℃ to 30 ℃.
The working time is 7-8 minutes under temperature around 25 ℃. 
The higher temperature of fabrication environment, the shorter working time. 
Curing Time
10-12 minutes under temperature around 25 ℃. 
The higher temperature of fabrication environment, the shorter curing time. 

Three popular Cartridge size
10:1 dual PBT cartridge 50ml;
10:1 dual PBT cartridge 75ml;
10:1 dual PBT cartridge 250ml.
Storage Condition
Please stock Uvalam adhesive in dry places with temperature range from 10℃ to 24℃, and avoid direct sunshine.
Shelf life
About 18 months under storage condition with temperature from 10℃ to 24℃ and dry places to avoid direct sunshine. 
However, it will be better to use our adhesive in 8-12 months for fresh and good quality.

Special adhesive requirement could be ordered from UVALAM: 

1/ Fast curing in low temperature in winter (Like the curing in summer).

2/ Non sagging adhesive (High Viscosity). 

3/ Excellent UV stability for out-door. 

4/ Long Shelf time for enough time to sell/use. 

5/ One adhesive color to match many sheet colors from different brands. 

6/ Low oder for better fabrication environment.

7/ Preferable working time and fixture time to meet your fabrication speed. 

8/ hard to bond countertop, such as HPL, BMC...


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