UV-M UV adhesive for marble lamination

high-quality UV adhesive for lamination of marble, glass, solid surface, acrylic, sintered stone...
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General Description:

Uvalam UV-M is transparent, one-component, UV curing adhesive for glass-backed stone panel.
Under the help of UV-M, a thin mable (or solid surface, sintered stone) veneer permanently laminated to a glass substrates, allowing significantly improved light transmission for curtain wall and backlighting applications. The laminated composites has the beauty of marble/solid surface and also have the characterstic of safety glass. 
By laminating natural stone or artificial stone (solid surface, sintered stone) to glass, you are afforded not only stronger panels, but also much large panels. Larger stone panels allow the authentic beauty of stone to stand uninterrupted, making it possible to achieve backlit onyx and other natural stone.

Typical Technical Data

Before curing

Material Base




Flash Point



Acrylic resin+polyurethane


Fluid and Pourable

0.95-1.00  (Kg/litre)

23 (°C)

30 (Cps)

One year

After curing

Light Transmission Rate

Elongation  at Break

Tensile Strength

Shore A Hardness

Refractive Index

Shrinkage Rate

Bonding Strength




6.0MP(25°C); 6.8MP(-40°C)



5 (%)

6.10 MPa


25 KGS contained in a plastic drum.

Storage Condition

Place adhesive in cool and dry places, to avoid direct sunshine.

Shelf life

12 months in tightly sealed drum.


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